Tips to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

When facilitated correctly, influencer endorsements can be more powerful than a brand’s proprietary promotions. Why? Because influencers have built a degree of credibility among their followers; people turn to their blogs and social media accounts for inspiration and advice on the influencers’ area of expertise.

The level of trust and connection influencers then forge with their followers transcends any connection between brand and customer because influencers are real people sharing real thoughts and insights. Yes, audiences understand that some influencers receive payment for product promotion, but on the whole, they are individual entities whose primary goals are connections, not sales.


So, when an influencer agrees to a brand partnership — because he or she has taken the time to build credibility and trust — audiences perk up and listen. Word of mouth to your following has always been a powerful, if not the most powerful, marketing tool;and harnessing influencers’ voices gives brands the chance to amplify word-of-mouth recommendations on a global level

Although he’s managed to avoid tearing his pockets since October, it’s happened a lot. “The number of times I’ve sat down and said, ‘uh-oh’ and stood back up,” he said. “One time I brought my pants in, there’s a drycleaner on the Hill and they do repairs, and I had them fix it, and I got my pants back and went back to the House and that day, I tore the same pocket again. Like, that’s great. Well done.”

A drycleaner near Parliament Hill confirmed that the shop often has to repair MPs’ torn pockets. “If we fix this problem, we’re going to put somebody out of work,” joked Graham.

“I think everyone has had this issue for years and nobody wanted to be the one to talk about it because it looks so ridiculous to talk about it,” he said, laughing.