Advantages and disadvantages of article marketing

Right now there are many advantages in using article marketing such as:

Increasing brand awareness – a company can use this marketing strategy to establish a good partnership with their readers, which they can convert into consumers if the carrier’s articles are useful enough for their readers.
Boost in pagerank and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – an good thing about article marketing is that if the articles are good enough, their search results will get higher ranks. This results to you can actually whole website to get a higher rank since those articles have backlinks to the web site.
Free way to earn a living – by doing article marketing, the company will not have to spend money to market. These people would only need to spend their time and effort in making positive that they write great articles for his or her customers to read.
Articles may go viral – if the company writes a great article, it may become virus-like and they would get a lot of readers and their site traffic would increase as well. An article going virus-like can create a great deal of advantages for the company in the long run.

If there are advantages in using article marketing, there would also be some disadvantages to it, which are the following:

Stolen content – if a company makes use of article marketing, they distribute their article to another website. Some editors may omit the company’s source box, which makes the complete article marketing useless for the organization. The company might not get the credit and site traffic that they deserve.
Can be expensive – a company might desire a ghost writer to help them write a great article that would guide customers into their website. Getting a freelancer can cost the company some cash particularly if they want to employ a great00 one.
Time-consuming – the presenting articles to distributors can be time consuming. The company needs to plan to present new articles regularly and make time for you to write and submit those articles on time

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