Educate prospects and clients. The essence of content marketing is the development of educational material that conveys your expertise and positions you as a leader to your target market—which in turn markets you as a brand. It’s thought to be a much more effective self-promo strategy for creatives than, say, making a straightforward commercial for your business. Self-promotion via content marketing was exactly the goal for solopreneur Amy Caracappa-Qubeck, who in 2014 produced her own 25-part talking-head–style video series, “You Know Your Website Is
Dominating When …” (aka YKYWIDW). Caracappa-Qubeck’s work brings to life the true promo power of content marketing through video—which we’ll take a closer look at below.

The substance of her series, how to use the web to market a business, is rooted in her positioning statement— “Helping introverts dominate online (one website at a time)”—and includes humorously titled topics such as YKYWIDW #8: “It Doesn’t Choose Its Color Scheme Like George Costanza Chooses His Outfits.”

Her target market is small- and medium-sized B2B business owners who tend to be introverted but care about their online presence, need marketing help and need a push. These are people who would (and do) say to her, “I have a website that works, but I want one that generates leads—a site that takes my brand to the next level and does the selling for me when I can’t.”

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