A. Hot Desk

Hot desk is a sharing model of workstation space. In early 1990s, the hot desk model was deployed in some workplaces. In such some environments, the workstation has computer, some personal items and some workers have own notebook computers to bring to work with them or keep in personal lockers. However, the technology makes the hot desk model practicable was not fully developed during that period; the system was not widely accepted by public. After renewing the hot desk model factors included improved communications, collaboration and virtualization technologies in conjunction with increasing mobile workforce and financially stressed enterprise.

From the perspective of management, hot desk model is altercative as it can save the costs significantly. Therefore, the concert will not operate in environments where employees are working at offices during their duty time. Furthermore, some employers the benefits of saving the costs but also lack of ability to observe employee activities during the office hours. For employees’ views, the hot desk model has advantages and disadvantages that they are happy to have more flexibility but many of them may be reluctant to give up the personal space. At hot desk system, the work surface is just a terminal link or an actual desk that the employer furnishes a permanent work surface where is available for any other workers when they need the space. There are no personal items and physical facilities and the place with hot desk system is sometimes called a mobility centre.

Hot desk is used regular in places where the employees are not in their office most of time or at the same time and the office is consuming valuable space and resources. In the current technology era, hot desk system also includes different types of message services and the routing of voice to different locations. The users are able to log in their personal accounts with secure corporate network to reply or send their emails and get the information for management departments. It is convenience and saving cost idea for current time. The hot desk idea is a good example of multifunction as the concept helps the employers saving for their offices rental fees. In the view of economic and company improvement, the hot desk idea is a bonus benefit.

Figure 1.Hot desks at office Figure 2.Hot desks at office

As the limited space of offices and workstations currently, people may choose to work at home or spending less time at offices, for this type of situation, hot desk is the powerful idea to save the cost and as well as the space. In some cases, companies designated a certain area as hot desking location for their agents, sales or who works outside most of the time to have a place to update own reports and replies emails

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