Choose Player View and Autoplay

Be sure to logo your YouTube channel successfully.

  • Choose “Player View” as your format. Unlike the Grid View, the Player View skills one huge video that can be set to autoplay. Because universal perspectives can undoubtedly effect your visibility, you want to ensure your featured video is ready to autoplay.


Choose Player View and Autoplay Featured Video for optimum impact.

  • Create Playlists and feature your outstanding content inside the proper column. Playlists are a way of organizing movies on YouTube. Although you can create playlists of any video—whether or no longer you made it or now not—on your channel, take into account developing a playlist of your maximum well-known videos, or ones that high-quality represent your merchandise and services.

For example, if you offer bicycling excursions of New England, you’ll probably create a playlist that includes “Bike Tours of Maine,” “Bike Tours of New Hampshire,” “Bike Tours of Vermont,” and so forth.If you personal a puppy shop, you would possibly have a Care & Feeding playlist with such hits as “Taking Care of Your Iguana,” “Feeding Tips for Your Parakeet,” and “What Will Your New Pet Snake Eat?”Just as you’ve got a home internet page to your internet website and silos of information to your unique products and services, you may mirror this for your channel through smart use of the Featured Video and Playlist.

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