Content Management

Easily organize and manage video libraries of any size
Organizing and managing your video content is incredibly important. Regardless of whether there is a few video videos or 1000s of full-length episodes, our online video CMS makes it easy to sort, manage, and manage your entire video collection. With convenient features like batch editing and drag-and-drop playlists, Brightcove Video Cloud provides everything you need to organize and handle your video content.
Organize and Search

Video Cloud makes it easy to save, sort, and lookup your entire video library. You can label videos with standard descriptive fields or create custom metadata for your unique verifications. Organize your video assets with folders and create accounts for different groups and business units. Keep your videos organized with playlists or Smart Playlists, which automatically organize your content based on tags. Push videos into playlists and pull groups of videos for display in video players or MRSS feeds.
Scheduling and Workflow

Pinpoint exactly when and where your video is displayed to comply with content licensing restrictions or global launch roll-out activities. Control schedules and limit access by geography or IP address to define where and when your videos can be viewed. Get rid of the inconvenience and worry of by hand monitoring media schedules with one user-friendly interface to manage it all.
Speedy Post

Get your video clip live fast. Quick Publish saves you time, allowing you to upload and publish a single video video on an online site or blog in one simple step. Just copy and insert the embed code and you are ready to go.
YouTube Sync

YouTube is the major video site in the world, and has an audience that is ready and holding out to consume video content. Through an easy-to-use management system, you can tag your videos and publish them automatically to your Youtube . com channel.

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