Creative Brief Promotional Video Questions:

Know Your Audience


Time to begin! This guide will take you through the top five points of how to make a promotional video, and then follow up with assets, expert recommendation, and interviews from personal pro specialists covering extra particular questions!


Let’s begin; right here are the top answers all in one article with a view to assist make your video paintings:


Know Your Audience


How do you know your audience will clearly click on play at the video? Use a creative brief to find out what makes them take motion.


A creative short asks a sequence of questions with the goal of coming across the target market, their wants and needs, and how nice to encourage movement.


Here, use the successful creative short layout I’ve used with my video manufacturing customers given that I commenced my video production enterprise. Use this for any task you start for yourself or your very own video customers:


Which equipment are you inquisitive about the maximum?


Lighting Gear

Camera Gear

Editing Apps

Sound Gear




The Purpose: What is my main center goal? Pick simply one primary purpose!

Single Thought: What is my most important middle message? Identify the key takeaway idea or motion

Target Viewers! Who is my primary target audience? Age? Sex? Interests? Income?

Reach Your Audience: Where may I attain this target audience? YouTube? TV Ads? Facebook Video? Video Podcasts?

Call to Action: What is the unmarried movement you need to make?

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