Database Requirement analysis

.4 System Analysis and layout:

three.Four.1 Dataflow Analysis:

Dataflow analysis is a method used to determine how business enterprise targets are

achieved. This facilitates in the take a look at of the use of records in every and every pastime

undertaken. Dataflow diagrams had been used to graphically display the members of the family among

strategies and statistics, and in statistics dictionaries, which officially describe the system’s data.

The following equipment were used for dataflow evaluation:


Dataflow diagram: this was used to graphically represent the system and display

records flows to, from and within the gadget, processing features and the garage of


this facts. The facts waft diagram turned into also used to decide the scope of the place

beneath take a look at.


Data dictionary: this is a documentation that supports a facts go with the flow diagram. It

consists of all of the terms and their definitions for information flows and facts stores that

relate to the machine. The information dictionary also helped the researcher avoid

instances of calling the identical statistics go with the flow or information keep via unique names or

two exclusive data names by way of the same names. More mainly, the statistics

dictionary was used to save information approximately the database application’s statistics.

Three.Five Database layout

The subsequent stage inside the design of the brand new device became the database layout. The layout of the

database became completed in 4 degrees. These blanketed:

  1. Requirements evaluation
  2. Conceptual evaluation
  3. Logical database layout

four. Physical database layout


This aimed at determining the information, information, machine components, and records processing

and analysis features required by way of the organisation. A detail look at of the diverse

additives and operations of the current device changed into undertaken. This turned into completed using a

structured questionnaire as a reality-finding technique.

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