Gardiner Museum Renewal / KPMB Architects

Figure 3.Gardiner Museum

Gardinear Museum is the world’s per-eminent institution devotes to the only ceramic art in Canada. It also one of the major new projects in Toronto’s cultural renaissance which renews with the Royal Ontario Museum across the street. It is located between the neoclassical the Queen Anne-style Margaret Addison Hall to the south and Lillian Massey building to the north. The borders of the renewal are more welcoming urban presence for the Gardinear. Inside of the museum, the interior design is transformed to prioritize the display of the collections completely in the museum and to build a memorable, inviting people experience. The museum existing plan is also completed re-configured to encourage the journey through the galleries to as well as raise the foreword encouragement journey through the decorated corridor to launch, from ground to new third level. After completed the gallery tour in the new third level exhibition space, the visitors can feel the column-free area is with a clerestory ceiling that creates a monumental space for large-scale artwork or traveling exhibits. The third level is Jamie Kennedy restaurant where locates the new multipurpose event hall and outdoor terrace.

The renewal project enhances the Gardiner’s place in the city. The windows are placed to provide other visual breaks from the public spaces of the museum and the attention of the surrounding context at different scales. The views are from close of the historic facades and the close to Lillian Massey and Margaret Addison buildings to become sequences of the ROM’s heritage building with the new Crystal expansion across the street. In the third level, the multi-purpose space and the outdoor terrace is created a new elegant look that opens on expansive vistas of Queen’s Park, the University of Toronto as well as the downtown skyline. Inside of the museum, the design is transformed completely to give the visitors a memorable experience. This transformation of Gardiner Museum provides a series of new platforms to display their collections and other activities will also flourish to ensure the long-term relevance of the museum to the cultural life of the city.

Redesign the urban landscape with multifunction, to enhance more activities during day and night. The Gardiner Museum is transferred by the original structure and extending its space planning to every directions” from the inside out”. Redesign the layout with functions to existing museum with long-term relevance of the cultural life of city.

Figure 4.Gardiner Museum sketch and floor plan

Form this case design concept is multifunction. Without demolishing the existing building, add in new design elements and new layouts to cooperate with government policy – cultural city. The project is not only focus on the function of the museum where display the art works, but also adds in different functions that the event areas, rooms for lectures and talks, the souvenir shops etc. Based on multifunction, Gardiner Museum is not just a museum to enhance the cultural life of the city as well as a place for family gathering and friends studying together.

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