Here’s a slew of stats to get you excited about video:

YouTube seems downright ancient at eleven years old!

So where does this leave you?

As a social media professional or entrepreneur — you understand you need to incorporate video into your social media advertising method.

Are you wondering which video platform is nice in your enterprise? Do you need some superior video strategies that will help you increase your publicity and attain?

These are the matters we’ll speak approximately on this post.

I’ll also display you numerous examples of how business owners like you are the use of video on social media.

Advanced Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media

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The first query you is probably asking yourself is… Does video have a nice effect on my bottom line?

Let’s begin with some facts to floor you within the fact of using video on your marketing.

According to ReelSEO, 82% of surveyed entrepreneurs said that their video advertising and marketing strategies have had a high-quality effect on their backside line.


The Top sixteen Video Marketing Statistics for 2016 from Adelie Studios


Gary Vaynerchuk built a multimillion-dollar wine business the use of video. He’s an evangelist and maintains to use video in all its bureaucracy to construct his non-public and professional manufacturers.

According to his article The Rise of Video Marketing on Social and How It Affects Your Business:

The single maximum essential method in content advertising nowadays is video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or YouTube, the content material you want to be considering developing and advertising on social on your commercial enterprise is video. Period.

The Top Video Platforms to Consider

Before you create your video plan, let’s test the pinnacle 7 systems. Each video tool has its personal specific audience, time constraints and pleasant practices.

Once you’re armed with this data — you’ll be able to craft the exceptional advanced video marketing strategies to your business.

  1. YouTube [desktop and mobile]

 Over 1000000000 customers international

 Hundreds of hundreds of thousands of hours of video watched each day

 Demographic is huge covering normally 18 to forty nine yr olds

 Maximum period of video posted is 11 hours

It’s safe to say your enterprise needs to have a YouTube channel. It will serve as a library of your video content material.

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