How Effective Are the Different Uses of Video?

How Many Marketers are Using Videos?

A recent file of just about 400 advertising and commercial enterprise professionals, carried out through Demand Metric along side Ascend2, revealed that 69% of respondents had already began to utilize video advertising. On the other hand, 31% were making plans to integrate video marketing into their strategy shifting ahead (everyone no longer interesting in video advertising became eliminated from the survey).

Video is the Preferred Form of Marketing Content

Aberdeen Group studies record which examines how the great businesses utilize video in their content material advertising strategies in comparison with the industry average and businesses late to the game, mentioned that video has turn out to be the preferred shape of advertising content material.

The document recognizes that video marketing is utilized by over 90% of the organizations surveyed and that it’s miles playing an ever-growing part in the content advertising and marketing mix thanks to a huge fantastic contribution to ROI. The studies concluded that video advertising was the maximum famous form of content, observed by using white papers and 3rd party studies.

What Are Videos Being Used For?

While the survey performed by way of Demand Metric and Ascend2 shows that video is quick becoming a desired form of advertising content, it’s miles really worth inspecting its function within the context of content material advertising to understand the functions for which video advertising is proving to be powerful.

According to the survey, in terms of utilizing motion pictures in marketing, video is the preferred form of content material used for building brand recognition (52%). It is accompanied with the aid of lead technology (45%) and online engagement (42%).


Although studies shows that motion pictures are getting used ordinarily for constructing emblem recognition, lead era and online engagement, it’s additionally really worth inspecting their effectiveness when being utilized in the following contexts to obtain a better information of wherein video advertising is best.

According to the survey through Demand Metric and Ascend2, the number one placement of films turned into on the logo website (81%) – however films have been handiest in the second maximum famous placement vicinity – video sharing web sites inclusive of YouTube (26%). The brand website become in truth, found to be the second most effective distribution channel.

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