How to Properly Invest in Yourself & Production

Video Production

Production Value: Voice, Sound and Music


Recorded On-Location Sound: Were outside microphones used while recording the audio interviews on set? Was a boom mic used, or lapel microphones? Were the audio volume levels balanced with a mixer whilst recorded?

Music: Royalty Free Background Music, Music, or no track in any respect?


Consult a professional in case you’re unsure the way to method those questions, or ask your questions here.




four Huge Reasons why 4K Video on iPhone is Great for DIY MarketersOnline Media Marketing is getting high-tech, however the best isn’t wherein it ought to be. In the beyond, corporations may want to break out with webcam motion pictures shot in dark rooms. Those days are over.


Viewers received’t take delivery of low first-rate video – in case you create bad looking video, your competitor can have a solution – better exceptional is the solution.


“Thanks to the iPhone … now 4K or UHD is to be had for every non-governmental-organization employee, each excessive-faculty or film pupil, each marketer in a employer, and every self-hired business proprietor. (Article: four Huge Reasons why 4K Video on iPhone is Great for DIY Marketers)


YouTube has moved to 4K and HD and so have expectations. Thankfully, 4K is simple to acquire now – all iPhones shoot high best video now.

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