lean-back to lean-forward: Video goes interactive

The promise of interactive video has been around for a number of years, however we’ve but to see it take off as a mainstream era. One in every of the most important challenges has been the complexity of implementation for manufacturers, and the requirement for a customized video player that can best work on a restricted quantity of web sites. With current advancements in player technology and layout equipment for developing interactive factors, 2016 could be the year that interactive video becomes a realistic and nicely-used device for entrepreneurs throughout all industries. I’m not talking about the ability to click on a pair of jeans in a video to shop for them, I’m talking about included questionnaires, surveys, statistics series forms, and other practical tools with the intention to assist marketers turn static movies into active equipment for generating leads, qualifying customers, and driving more engagement.
These same equipment could be used to create a brand new category of video in 2016: the pick out-your-very own-adventure video. Brands will empower visitors to self-pick out their content journey inside a unmarried video player, greatly growing content relevance and engagement for the viewer whilst allowing the marketer to accumulate extraordinary insights on the hobbies and rationale of its potentialities.

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