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Production fee and attributes that affect quality are blanketed in outstanding element in a while.


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Step 2 – Pre-Production: Establish the story, techniques and tools had to create the video

Step 2. Pre-Production: Establishing the Story, the Tools and Methods to Make the Video

Choosing a Promotional Video Genre


The style of the video sets the tone and direct message about your idea, supplying and business. Working with a innovative individual involved assists as a inventive person can often join summary thoughts greater without difficulty and help you are making some thing that engages the viewer.


Tried and True Promotional Video Genres:


Testimonial Videos: Interviews with humans about their wishes and how their expectations were met.

Narrated Video: A girl or male narrator‘s voice talks over the video, informing and educating.

Company Spokesperson: Have your spokesperson do a ‘talking head’ video in which they speak to the camera about the services or products services.

Professional Actors: Actors ‘play out’ situations, or talk to the digicam about the advantages.

Explainer Videos: Combination of narration along side quite simple animations to provide an explanation for a message. “Whiteboard” films are some other alternative.




Each sort of video says lots about the your cause and the provider – deciding on the right blend of factors is essential on your video in order that your viewer doesn’t get mixed messages.

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