Live Video Marketing Examples

For example, you can take a question live on air from the comments section, answer it and then partake in some back and forth discussion with the questioner as the world watches on.

This enhanced level of engagement isn’t just great for attracting more social media comments, it also helps create a stronger and more personal bond between the streamer and the audience.

Live Video Evokes Urgency
There’s something about a live stream on social media that makes me want to tune in and stay watching — even if the streamer isn’t somebody I typically pay much attention to.

The numbers also prove that I’m not alone in this, as studies show that people spend 3X longer watching live video compared to video that is no longer live.

Live Video Can Be Ephemeral
Live video has all the benefits of being ephemeral (à la Snapchat) without actually having to disappear once the live fun stops.

Other than Instagram, all major social media platforms continue showcasing your videos on your feed long after the stream ends. Thus, there’s nothing to stop you from taking those previously live streams and using them for further content marketing later on.

You can transcribe them into blog posts, chop them up into small videos for YouTube or extract a small clip for your homepage.

Live video marketing may be the future, but it’s also the present. Here are some examples of live video working for content marketers today.

Enterprise Marketing With Live Video
Turkish Airlines became the first airline to broadcast a flight live on Periscope, giving viewers a sneak peek in the cockpit and other areas of the plane. According to Twitter’s case study, the live feed reached 4.5 million people and received 290,000 Periscope likes.

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