Our following tendencies replicate wherein smart companies

We’re also staring at the increase of Virtual Reality, a generation which has been steadily maturing over current years. We expect 2017 will see a long way greater VR reviews, demonstrating how we can have interaction with online video in each gaming and industrial video experiences. Combined with 360 video, these technologies are shaping the future and re-writing the guideline book.


Our following tendencies replicate wherein smart companies are spending their time and money, reaping effective outcomes from their Video Marketing pastime:

Facebook Live


We start our listing with the phenomenon that is live video streaming throughout social networks which includes Facebook live and periscope. The former, because of its current international on-line domination and sheer size of users, has exploded onto the stay video scene. The facts supporting its growth, popularity and consumption are both undeniable and high-quality. In 2014 CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as pronouncing “In five years most of Facebook may be video.” We assume he’s properly on his way.


‘People spend 3x longer watching video which is Live as compared to pre-recorded video.’- (Facebook)


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