Phillips declined to comment Thursday on the advice of his attorney, Fredrick Charles.

About 46% occurred in schools.
About 31% occurred in public parks.
About 10% occurred in commercial childcare centers.
About 3% occurred in home childcare.
About 3% occurred in apartment complexes.
About 2% occurred in fast food restaurants.
About 9% occurred in other locations.

From January 1990 to August 2000, CPSC received reports of 147 deaths to children younger than 15 that involved playground equipment.

70% of those deaths occurred in home
30% of those deaths occurred in public use

Girls were involved in a slightly higher percentage of injuries (55%) than were boys (45%).

Injuries to the head and face accounted for 49% of injuries to children 0-4, while injuries to the arm and hand accounted for 49% of injuries to children ages 5–14. Approximately 15% of the injuries were classified as severe, with 3% requiring hospitalization. The most prevalent diagnoses were fractures (39%), lacerations (22%), contusions/abrasions (20%), strains/sprains (11%).

For children ages 0–4, climbers (40%) had the highest incidence rates, followed by slides (33%). For children ages 5–14, climbing equipment (56%) had the highest incidence rates, followed by swings (24%). Most injuries on public playground equipment were associated with climbing equipment (53%), swings (19%), and slides (17%).
The report says Phillips told the officer he was aware of a city ordinance against being in the park after dark, while Rabenold said she was not.


“I’m not trying to duck any bullets here,” he said. “I just want to make sure it’s not distorted.”

Charles could not be reached for comment late Thursday.

On Wednesday, Phillips said he had nothing to hide and would welcome the opportunity to explain the situation.

He said he was wrong for being in the park after dark, and said he told the police officer he should be charged with a curfew violation.

Police Chief Roger MacLean said the matter remains under investigation, and he could not comment further.

“We expect to close it up pretty soon,” he said.

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