Promotional Video Style Elements

To get started, down load a template for a innovative brief right here. Answering this short’s questions will get you started out.


Hands down, those are the most essential thoughts first of all, duration. I can’t pressure this sufficient – answer these questions, and you’re properly for your way.

Video Production Creative Brief, Templates and Examples

Video Production Creative Brief, Templates and Examples


These are simply center ideas, many more are included inside the newsletters with different professionals and their articles on Reel Marketer. As equipment together with nice cameras and Tripods are notably low-priced in recent times, you ought to make certain the message itself is actionable. Pick one core message– be as particular as possible. (e.G. Non Profit – ask your audience to donate).


Only when you’re positive of your target market and what they want to be pressured to act have to you move in advance with your video. Bear in mind, promotional motion pictures are precise in that they’ve a persuasive intention – through the give up of the video, the viewer must experience forced to a direction of movement or suppose in a different way approximately a topic. If your particular video has no persuasive aim in any respect, and is simplest getting used to inform or train, an educational video can be of higher match.

Choose Your Video Style


Now which you are conscious that identifying who you’ll be speaking to, and what the message can be is half the conflict, it’s now time to choose the how.


What’s Your Story?The fashion says a lot; that is a case wherein the ‘medium is the message’, so have amusing with it.


You may be critical, or light hearted – each can work at special times, even for the same logo, presenting the message suits the tone.


Be certain to check YouTube for different movies that have a tone or feeling which you want to carry, and borrow the ones styling cues.



Tone: Lighthearted or Serious?

People & Speech: ‘Talking Head’ Interview fashion or Professional Actor?

Production Quality: Highly Polished Studio or Set, or, greater shoot on On-Location?

Scripted or Unscripted: Candid Q&A or Scripted and rehearsed questions?

Video Quality: Often called “production cost”. Various visual and technical attributes have an effect on how the target visitors understand a video’s tone.

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