Stadtlounge – Red Carpet

Figure 5.Stadtlounge – Red Carpet

In spring 2005, with the new construction in Schreinerstrasse 6, it has been completed the last stage of the edifications of the complex Raiffeisen and the building activity of Raiffeisen Switzerland in the center of Saint Gallo has been concluded therefore also. To the term of the jobs that have given life to a harmonious entirety from the urbanization point of view, the external space was wanted to be restructured also. For this purpose it has been assigned a mandate of specific study with the objective to develop innovative ideas that organize in optimal way the external spaces. The strengthening of the identity of the new center with perfect on the whole city integration was a point centers them of the plan.

The plan – “stadtlounge” has been born from the collaboration between Pipilotti Rist and Carlos Martinez, convinced opportunely the decisional Raiffeisen Switzerland and the city administration of Saint Gallo. Drafting of a job that offers to a contribution much innovative one and originates them, which new identity with the characteristics of a meeting place creates with its radicalism one and break. In “stadtlounge”, the spaces in the open air have been covered with a red carpet that serves to distinguish an atmosphere otherwise lacking in an own identity. The authors of the plan have intentional to create a zone in which it is possible to meet themselves and to pass pleasant moments, on the background of a largamente ironical atmosphere. “Lounge”, realized just like a opened drawing-room the public, it is equipped of spaces dedicates to you to various thematic: there is the “coffee”, the “angle relax” and “it knows it it business”. This innovative character extends also to the lighting system with fluctuating elements to variable brightness to second of the moments of the day. According to the responsible, “stadtlounge” it is without a doubt in a position to conferring to the place, Raiffeisen Switzerland and the city of Saint Gallo a prestigious image in a position to valuing the main center of the Bank, to the standard of a fruibile qualitative standard to perceptive level and moves them.

International acknowledgment for the plan of lighting system of stadtlounge the city of Saint Gallo has adjudicated the third party place to the international competition City-People-Light-Award 2008, after Seul and Riga. The prize comes assigned sin from 2003 to the cities that inside accommodate permanent plans of lighting system of spaces publics. Saint Gallo is rewarded for “luminous clouds”, or “bubbles”, of the artists Pipilotti Rist and Carlos Martinez installed in stadtlounge (the Raiffeisenplatz), like 13 official notice November 2008 from the communal administration.

A red carpet guides passing creating a pleasant atmosphere and contributing in fundamental way to make to perceive the city in a completely new way, thanks to the combination of a public and private space. The effect turns out amplified from the particular lights that they render the quarter residential an only great drawing-room”, law in the official notice is printed in German.

Using multifunction as foundation makes the target area becoming another famous shopping zone, there is benefit for the shops among the place and attracts more visitors as well.

The win-win situation is based of multifunction.

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