Take advantage of tools available

Organize with playlists
“So, how do you keep all that organized?” Vest asked. “Today, the answer with YouTube is playlists.”

YouTube playlists enable companies to organize videos in a specific grouping, such as “Small business tips,” “Videos from our blogs” or by individual products.

“Different videos serve very different purposes, but our playlists allow us to let people watch based on their interest even though they are on one channel,” Vest said.

Achieve SEO payback from videos
“Google is the number one search engine by metrics alone,” Zamora said, adding YouTube videos receive a high ranking in Google’s algorithm, usually above the fold on the search engine results page as video links get indexed instantly.

In this regard, it’s paramount to be thorough and to input keywords and descriptions, as YouTube focuses on bringing up videos to engage audiences, according to the official YouTube creator’s blog. Essentially, videos people watch for longer receive preference, not simply videos that achieve the most clicks.

The popularity and strength of your channel will also be important to SEO. For the best possible results, create regular content that will build your following, and nurture YouTube features such as comments, channel subscribers and the “thumbs up.”
AdWords, according to Vest, is a highly valuable tool to invest in for video, and “not many people are doing it correctly. So there is a lot of opportunity.”

For video, AdWords has four different “TrueView” video ad options, all of which Vest estimated were “unbelievably inexpensive advertising … between seven and eight cents,” compared to common keywords in Google Analytics that can run much higher.

In-slate ads: Show before YouTube partner videos that are 10 minutes or longer.

In-stream ads: Viewers see five seconds of your promoted video before they can keep watching or skip it.

In-search ads: Video appears in a promoted section of the search results page.

In-display ads: Your ad appears alongside other YouTube videos that match your target audience.

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