The challenge internet site

The challenge�s internet site is�Stand Out in your discipline � advertising for Farmers.�As part of this project licensed Naturally Grown is supplying free marketing services: brand design for qualified candidates, and the development of a promotional video for chosen producers. The primary batch of logos and videos have been accomplished, and will be featured at StandOutinYourField.Org. CNG can be accepting a 2nd circular of applications for these services by way of mid- to late January 2016. Candidates can get began at StandOutInYourField.Org and have to be especially direct-market producers utilising ecological ways with the intention to qualify for these offerings.

The project�s website additionally entails a section for�advertising classes�designed to aid farmers tell their stories. These lessons incorporate utilizing Instagram, writing a Press unlock, Branding, and using Video. Lessons are on hand free of charge on the internet site, with extra designated classes available for down load. A sequence of quick blog posts elements �Shining Examples� presenting farmers who excel at these procedures, like�how Instagram is used by CNG member Origins Farm.

To aid expanded branding, certified Naturally Grown can be supplying low-cost�design offerings, including�a number of design choices for banners and industry cards founded on a farm�s logo or the subjects created for CNG producers. There are additionally options for farms with out trademarks and with out certification.

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