The Five Levels of Content Marketing in the Fashion Industry

Alternatively, it is able to be that extra gifted college students work more correctly, and therefore have greater free time, making online gaming a marker of viable instructional capability as opposed to something that actively boosts overall performance. Posso additionally checked out the correlation between social media use and Pisa rankings. He concluded that customers of websites consisting of Facebook and Twitter have been more likely to score 4% decrease on average, and the greater frequent the social networking usage, the bigger the difference. 78% of the teens stated they used social networks each day. Other studies have located a hyperlink among heavy users of social networking and a low attention span, which is likewise related to poorer educational overall performance, but the evidence is less than conclusive.


Fashion companies tend to be conventional, shielding of their logo and operating in a weather that’s flooded with content material. This doesn’t create a very promising environment for content advertising. But it does make for an thrilling case take a look at.

Given these demanding situations, what does content marketing within the fashion industry appear like? After reading a wide variety of style brands’ online presence, I’ve broken their efforts down into what I’ve referred to as the ‘5 tiers of content advertising’:

Level 1 – Overtly promotional content mat

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