The unique role of Snapchat marketing in the enterprise space is now way too big to ignore.

From a personal branding perspective, live video marketing makes absolute sense. It further strips away any inauthenticity, promotes dialogue and makes the viewer feel closer to the streamer.

Where Are the Streams?
As previously mentioned, major social media platforms have high hopes for live video. But as usual, each one is approaching the trend in its own way.

If you’re looking to launch a live video marketing campaign, here are the most intelligent places to host your live feeds

Facebook Live
“[In a] few years from now, the vast majority of the content that people consume online will be video.“

That’s what Mark Zuckerberg claimed in 2016 at the Mobile World Congress, and just a few months later, his two platforms (Facebook and Instagram) were hosting live streams.

Today, Facebook’s algorithm looks favourably upon live video — which likely has something to do with the fact that Facebook users comment 10X more on live videos than they do on regular videos. As a result of this high engagement rate, Facebook recently announced that ads are coming to Facebook Live.


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