There are so many options where people can go for wine and spirits,” Rice says. “Video and social media set us apart because people get to know us.”


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Gary Vaynerchuk hosting a live Q&A on Facebook Live
Gary Vaynerchuk hosting a live Q&A on Facebook Live.
In this new era of content marketing, the consumer is in love with video that’s live, interactive and authentic.

It’s no longer enough to sit a CEO down in a well-lit studio to answer vetted questions with scripted answers. Today, good video content is live and spontaneous engagement sessions with your customers via Facebook Live. It’s giving the world a behind-the-scenes peek of your head office on Periscope. It’s documenting your entire corporate event on Snapchat.

Most importantly, it’s about connecting with your audience in the moment — as humans always have.

And here’s the kicker: unlike blog posts and pre-recorded webinars, over-preparation with regards to live video is a bad idea. Instead, live video performs best when it’s used to casually expose the raw personality of a brand in its natural habitat.

Don’t get me wrong, good old fashioned words will always be relevant — but a good content marketing strategy now absolutely requires live video.
“My two youngsters are grown up and they’re my greatest support. They look upon me as their position mannequin. I’ve confronted gender discrimination after I was once a junior-stage executive. I have perpetually handled such problems firmly,” says Bector, who graduated in hospitality from the Oberoi university of inn administration and used to be associated with Domino’s Pizza. “In at present’s aggressive world economic climate, advantage and one’s capability are the components for achievement. If women have ambition and competencies, there’s no stopping them from succeeding,” she states.

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