Various options available with the Marketers

Nowadays, there are various options available with the marketers to involve in the marketing of any product or event and Video marketing is one of such options. In video marketing, the marketers are require to use video for promoting or marketing their brands, products or services, as such it is clear that it is a strong form of marketing as there will be use of video which should be elaborative and illustrative and will allow the users to save their time in viewing any product. Thus, video advertising or marketing is offering convenience to the marketers and also to the customers by saving their valuable time. Comparing the video marketing option with the traditional marketing options, it is can be easily understood that in the traditional marketing people were required to create content and then publish the same, which involves costs and time too. But in the video marketing, marketers need to create videos where the products or services are clearly described and this will surely allow the customers also to save their time which they were earlier required to spend for reading the description of the products or services. That so there are some advantages and disadvantages of the video marketing which can be seen as given below.

In the advantages of the video marketing, it is pertinent to note that many researchers said that video is a gold mine for Search Engine Optimization- SEO, as it is increasing the search engine rankings, click- through rates, open rates, etc. Moreover, it is also noted here that the videos are more likely to convince the customers towards the products purchasing. A recently made study shows that there are about fifty- seven per cents of the Online customers who are more likely to buy a product after they watch a video demonstration of the same. Thus, videos creates emotions, and also effective in nature.

However, there are some disadvantage of the video marketing in which, firstly it is notable that the brands cannot force viewership, unless it is so amazingly creative and interesting. Moreover, there can be effects of time, i.e. if the video is placed in the wrong slot then people who are busy in their working schedule would not view it. Thirdly, if the video is containing no sufficient contents in its space, then also people feels it not reliable and then also it will not be good for the marketers. Thus, with all limitations, the video marketing should be availed. Videos Marketing options is really very effective, if it is perfectly managed by the brands.

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