Video is comprehensive

Three. Video is comprehensive. Every 2nd of video can provide big quantities of records in your mind. (One studies business enterprise is quoted as having predicted that 60 seconds of video is the equal of one.8 million words of written data, however I’m skeptical. If we start with ‘a image is really worth 1000 phrases’, and word that there are usually 30 snap shots (frames) in line with 2nd in a video, then 30 pictures instances 60 seconds times a thousand words equals 1.8 million words in a minute of video. Coincidence? I think now not. More probably a person jokingly or fatuously did the math, and that got picked up and unfold throughout the internet.)

  1. Video is emotional. The proper mixture of phrases, images, and tune can evoke laughter, compassion, fear or anger… and people feelings can power behaviour.

Five. Video is memorable. Properly crafted, a video might be effortlessly recalled at a later date. But here’s the massive caveat to that: in case you’re no longer cautious, people will recollect the video but forget about the product or service it promoted. How frequently have you visible a exceptional industrial, and perhaps even advised a person else approximately it… however been not able to don’t forget who the advertiser changed into?

  1. Video is popular. More than a thousand million precise visitors go to YouTube each month, and the web site reaches more US adults elderly 18-34 than any cable community.
  2. Video is powerful. Check out these articles:
  • http://www.Scgpr.Com/forty one-tales/the-strength-of-video-advertising
  • http://www.Screwpilecommunications.Com/screwpile-marketing-weblog/bid/2131…


The Cons

  1. Video is regularly extra luxurious than a print or email execution. Effective business movies aren’t normally shot in your basement on a mobile smartphone, so until you already have proper system, proficient in-residence resources and an attractive, properly lit, acoustically ideal vicinity, you are looking at spending a few dough.
  2. It’s time-consuming. A professional looking video will require pre-manufacturing (scripting, casting, location scouting, props), production (lights, sound, teleprompter, taking pictures) and post-manufacturing (editing, image effects, soundtrack).

Three. There can be technical troubles with on line video – it calls for bandwidth to view it, and it can no longer play nicely on older devices.

Four. Sometimes people want to reduce to the chase and just speedy test a piece of writing or tick list rather than looking a video. If you do use video, ensure you deliver visitors an change way to get your message.


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