video marketing strategy

Determine what your video content will accomplish (and for whom)
Clarify your video purposeJust as Joe Pulizzi suggests you should start your articles marketing strategy in general, you’ll want a marketing mission statement. A simple, one-liner that amounts up:

what type of content you’ll make: Academic videos? Entertaining? Practical? A mix? Your brand’s tone and audience’s needs should determine your approach here.
Just who you’re making this content for: outline your target demographic with as much detail as possible.
Just what your audience should drinks delivery from your videos: Elaborate the value add of your articles in particular? Exactly what does it help your audience do?

So as to justify videos that may be unrelated to your B2B product (often the mark of true content marketing), your business needs to understand why you’re creating video stories. Exactly what are you trying to accomplish with whom?

Write out your statement like this: “At (Company name), we make (adjective) video content for (specify target audience), so that they (exactly what you would like them to do). inch

second . Outline the movie topics and types you’ll create

In order to to put into action video across an organization, it’s important to summarize your scope. First turn to which functions of the company will be using movie and whether the resources will be used in house, externally, or both.

Inside the “Product” vertical, for example, you may have stories to tell about a certain product lines, the theme of analytics, and the theme of optimization. These are your official “content pillars” that become what you’ll build video concepts and campaigns around. They are usually broad and, generally, shouldn’t be too product heavy at the top of the funnel.

After determining your content pillars (essentially the stories you must tell within each functionality across your organization), you can use brainstorm the types of videos that work to explain to those stories. Some options include:

Recorded training calls
Beneficial how-to videos
Thought command interviews
Product explainers and detailed demos
Support-topic walkthroughs
Company culture videos
Customer testimonials
Documentary-like case studies, and more

A good way to approach video at the outset is to discover the questions your target audience is asking, and answer these with comprehensive how-to content. Not only will you benefit from the enhanced SEO by creating videos regarding these how-to subjects, but you can end up being the go-to expert on the topic and remembered by your audience as such. You’ll also want to create out compelling, high-level brand reports to in the beginning attract your target customer at the top of the funnel.

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