What the One factor I might do that, If completed, everything Else turns into easier or useless?

The second method i take advantage of this question is to remind myself that each time I suppose careworn or fearful of doing anything, it�s most often the foremost thing I must do. Each time I think uncomfortable taking over a venture, conversation, or decision, it�s a set off that I must honestly get it done proper away.


  1. Is this a �Hell Yeah?�

one in all Derek Sivers� most fashionable articles to date is ready what he calls, �hell yeah or no.�

The idea of this phrase is that when you�re feeling overstretched or unfold too thin, it�s seeing that you�re announcing �sure� to too many things. The influence is that we overcommit to various �just right� possibilities with out leaving room to focus on the �first-rate� ones. Asking your self this question will drive you to assert �no� to nearly the whole lot, and can open up new opportunities that particularly excite you.


This proposal comes from the e-book, The ONE factor: The exceedingly simple reality in the back of individual results by means of Gary Keller, which has enormously modified the way in which I manipulate my time. In easy terms, the one thing refers to opting for your lead domino in some thing you�re attempting to achieve.

As Sivers� query elements out, it�s usually more primary to prefer what not to do, so that you can focus on what�s real fundamental.

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