When Eyes Hurt Your Conversion Level

I wish to talk a little bit about eyes and the value of eyes in video clip marketing. First of all, the human brain loves eye. We’re drawn to it, we want to look at it. And this can be really helpful in your videos if you need to keep people engaged in hearing to the message. Yet it can also have a darkish side in that it draws the attention away from something else that might be important. Let me give you the.
When Eyes Hurt Your Conversion Level

Let’s say you have a video on a landing page, and you want people to watch the video, have the concept, and then take action on the page. In the point where you ask them in the video to take action on the page, if you have someone there looking at them, engaging them, they are less likely to look away and see the message on the webpage — either the form and also the button that you want them to click on the landing page.

My recommendation is use eyes and heads – human creatures – to keep householder’s attention. However when you go to make the offer, consider shifting away to something that’s more static, something that doesn’t move, and something that does not have attractive eyes into it.

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