Why Social Media Video Marketing?


Social media video advertising techniques take time and assets. Down the line, you will be requested to provide an explanation for why your efforts are treasured to the social media stakeholders. Make certain you understand why video is critical for social media to help make your case.

Conveying Complex Information

It’s surprisingly difficult to bring complex facts across social media web sites. The most famous networks rely on brevity. Some of our favorite social networks, like Twitter, actually have person limits set. How can you be anticipated to give an explanation for something as complicated as a brand new characteristic or product with a a hundred and forty-character restrict? You truely can’t do it justice in one hundred forty characters, which is why video is an appropriate manner to percentage.





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eight:33 PM – 15 Mar 2016






While Twitter has a 140-man or woman limit on Tweets, their video limit is two minutes and 20 seconds. Imagine how an awful lot extra data you can deliver with a video than a simple Tweet.

Building Rapport

Social media may be a very bloodless location for clients trying to attain manufacturers they care approximately. There aren’t any face-to-face interactions and responses are usually short or non-existent. That’s why manufacturers ought to remember creating a few social media films showcasing the faces behind the keyboards. Customers want to do businesses with brands they recognise and experience emotionally invested in, so make a few brief films introducing your social group.

Increased Engagement

Whether it’s due to one or several of the motives listed above, videos on social see more engagement than not unusual text updates, hyperlinks or photographs. Because social media engagementcan assist raise your attain, clicks and sales, it’s critical to take benefit of social media video content material. Below is a short observe how Sprout’s social video content performs in comparison to different content material types.


Scaling Popularity

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2016 Industry Report, 60% of entrepreneurs are presently the usage of video and 73% plan to increase their use of video. Make sure you’re organising your method early so that you’re now not left within the dust.

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